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Her on her Wedding day.  she was eighteen and the date was 1986.  Marred Dale W. Kolodziejcyk

Her and her father, and one of her Kids

Christmas Tree Decoration time!!!

Tammy with her Children.  Daughter Kristie Lynn and Son Kurtis Wayne

Tammy at Memphis, TN with me as well.  we are in our room, after our tour of graceland she's looking for number to order some pizza.

Picture Taken of us in room at Motel.  Had to be taken again, cause in this one i grabbed her ass, hince the face she's making.

The retaken, Non ass Grabbed Picture.

Tammy coming down the stairs that went up to the Lisa Marie.  Elvis's private Plane



Her walking through the motorcycle Collection of Elvis's, the camera got out of focus when taking

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Tammy and another tourist, standing infront of the Blue Caddy of Elvis's

This is of Tammy in front of Graceland Door, about to start the Tour.


This is the front of Graceland, you can see the door so there is no confusion from the above picture where she was standing.